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There should be an IQ test

When you apply for a job you have to submit (at least most of the time) to certain tests. Almost all companies require a drug test but that is only after a position has been offered. Other tests might include typing speed, reading schematics, soldering, or a multitude of skill related tests, but they never ask for an intelligence test....and maybe they should.

I have worked with people that I swear never competed high school or even got past 4th grade for that matter. I was having a conversation with a co-worker about the massive floods in Australia last year and another person near us asked, "what part of Europe is that?" I guess I could be thankful that they knew about Europe.

The last dumb announcement was just a few months ago when another co-worker mentioned he saw the moon this morning after sunrise. He asked almost everyone was there going to be a major calamity take place because the moon was visible during the day time. Someone finally had to explain the orbit of the moon and the meaning of waxing and waning. Apparently the dumb cluck never looked up during daylight hours to see the moon. For those readers out there who are totally dumbfounded the moon is visible during daylight hours at least once a month.

Intelligence tests maybe not what would be required as much as a common sense test. How many of you know or work with an engineer or scientist that lack common sense? I have and even though they could design a computer they could not find their car in the parking lot if they parked it in a different place due to parking lot maintenance (yep, seen that first hand and I couldn't stop laughing).

Then again if a common sense test was required to get a job then think about all those dangerous jobs like miners and oil riggers that would go unfilled. I am not saying those workers are dumb, but who in their right mind would put their life in danger for a paycheck?

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Don't you just hate people who judge others by the way they look?

I am not going to get into a blog post about race or obesity no this post is something more subtle than that. I am talking about someone judging another because of the look on their face.

I worked at a company for about 8 years and then walked out. I always wondered why I was treated like shit there, until I found out one day. My brother in law also worked there in the test department. About a year after I quit he was over for a birthday party and we started to talk about the company. It was during the conversation that he confessed that everyone (meaning the people he worked with) thought I was always