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How to quit your job, let me count the ways

I just quit my good for a small paycheck, high stress job. The feeling is wonderful. I can't seem to get this darn smile off my face.

The last time I quit a job was back in 1989 when I literally walked out in the middle of the day, or was it morning...oh well, that does not matter, what mattered was the fact that I got fed up enough to walk. At the time it was due to an indifferent boss who would not acknowledge my supervisor role and pay me for it. It was only after denying me a promotion (discrimination was the cause, found out later) and demanding I do job duties that only managers did I walked. Of course I stewed for about a week before taking those final steps.

In those days it was common to give a 2 weeks notice of your intent to leave. They could hold that last paycheck for up to 2 weeks if they wanted to. In my case I got my check within 4 hours because I threatened to turn them in to OSHA for violations.

Nowadays employment can be "at will" meaning they can fire or lay you off without warning, so the same can apply to you. You can quit on the spot without cause or warning. Most well respected companies are not "at will" employers but small shady operations are and I have worked for some of them.

While I did not walk out this time on my employer, I called in to quit. The manager was sorry to see me go but understood my reasons. I was the one chosen to send home when there was a lack of work, one time for 3 months!! That was last year and this year it was turning out to be the same way. This time I found a higher paying job with more stability. The manager was also thinking about leaving and almost walked out on several occasions.

Due to new technology there are now several ways to quit your job:

  • don't call in for a few days and let the company assume you have quit
  • call in and just quit - like I just did
  • send an email to your boss. Be polite but official, giving the date of your last day, instructions on what to do with your last paycheck (send it, wait for you to pick it up, etc) and lastly how to handle any personal stuff left at work.
  • send a text message to your boss, keep it short and simple and follow up with an email
Follow my suggestions of quitting without seeing your boss in person and you will be less stressed.

I have no intention of going back to that place and hope it goes under due to the way it treats and uses up its faithful employees.

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Being physically sick of the place you work at

I think most of us have had headaches develop during the day at a work place we just couldn't stand to be at anymore. But how many of you have ulcers, high blood pressure and other ailments due to work place stress?

The place I work at right now use to be a low stress work place, I said "use to be." As of the last few months the stress level has gone through the roof. Let me just highlight the several causes of that:

  • hired new production boss who has no previous experience of being a manager or knows anything about production. He was hired because he is a friend of the owner.
  • production boss fires lead production person and promotes a dip shit from off of the assembly line to run things. Dip shit has no leadership qualities and has no idea how to run a production line.
  • Vice-president does not like new production boss, mainly because she did not hire him
  • Vice-president tries to run production as well - driving all of us bonkers
  • Queen Bee as we call her is in charge of QA and enjoys stirring the pot of emotions on the production floor. She is tight with the VP so she can get people fired, in trouble or what ever she sees fit for herself. 
  • time studies are being done all the time. As production workers we are timed for every little part of a unit down to how long did it take to tighten a screw - to the second. This has been going on for almost 2 years now but the last few months it has gotten worse.
After reading what I just wrote, I now realize I should be grateful that I have not suffered a stroke or heart attack from working there. It is one of the worst places I have ever worked at. There is so much backstabbing and political rivalry going on that I almost want to up chuck it all.

After the production lead got fired I saw many people change who they hung out with during breaks. One guy who wanted to be the lead (but did not get the job) is now hanging out with Queen Bee. He probably thinks he can get her to help him get the production lead job. I don't have the heart to tell him that Queen Bee has always disliked him because he makes too many mistakes.

Yes the soap opera goes on, but unlike a soap opera this one will end.

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