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The best way to walk out on your employer

Don't you just hate it when you really hate where you are working but can't seem to quit? I walked out on one company and loved it.

Back in the early 1980's I worked for a company in Menlo Park, CA that made controllers for robotics. I worked there for 6 years when I fell in love and married a co-worker. During those 6 years I was convinced by my "old school" thinking dad that you never quit a job. His idea was that once you were in a job for a few years you stayed there until the company shut its doors or

Being in charge does not mean you can goof off

The dream of every production line worker is to be one step higher on the "food chain" at work.

When I just started the job I have now, a co-worker was training me on a product line. After several days of working with him, the conversation turned to where he had worked in the past and what his ambitions were for this company and his future goals. It did surprise me that he wanted our lead's job, considering he lacked the knowledge and personality for it. If he would only take a good look in the mirror at himself, he would realize that nobody wanted to work for him..............heck I didn't even like being trained by him. He liked to tell people what to do, much like a slave owner. He even was so lazy that he had me get up from what I was doing to get him a tool or a folder when he could have done it and in fact it was HIS job to do it, not mine. Now that you have a bit of background on his style of leadership, let me tell you what happened this past week with him.

What he lacks in skill and leadership qualities he makes up for in bull shit. He can con a manager into believing that he is the right person to put in charge of a product line. He has managed to convince the new production manager to let him

Where is production control? Nowhere in sight

I really can't see how the company I work for stays in business. They have no one and I mean absolutely no one in charge of production control. Production control is the department or person who is in charge of scheduling work orders and making sure they are released to production in a timely manner to make sure the product gets shipped on time.

Here is how they do it here. The production manager runs out of work for his crew and

They just fired the sweetest man today

Mr "K" came up to me just before the last break of the day and told me that it was nice working with me. He had just been fired!

He had only worked for the company for about 4 months and seemed to really like working here. He was always on time, never missed a day. I enjoyed working with him. He picked up how to do a new job very easily. He was a quite, older man and now he had been fired.

Before he left I asked him if he had any warnings or been written up for anything, he said

The pig sty I work at

The owner of the company I work for has so much pride in the dump (yes it is a dump) that he invited a group of business people that he is a member of, to tour the place today. We were to stop work 20 minutes early just to tidy up the place. I hate to tell him that 20 hours would not make that place look better.

After I cleaned up my work area I left. It was on the drive home that the old saying of making a silk purse out of a sows ear came to mind. You cannot make something out to be what it is not.

Let me give you a good idea of the place that the owner is trying to show off. The building is over 30 years

The surprise envelope

As I sat working today, the vice president of the company came around with a stack of envelopes. It was not payday and the envelopes were thick.

I waited my turn while I watched my co-workers get their envelopes. None of them opened up the envelopes right away. Scared of what the management might think, "they stopped working to see what was inside the envelope, shame on them."

What was in that envelope? My mind thought up visions of a bonus, maybe tickets to a company function or even a gift certificate and a thank you note. As he finally handed me my mystery envelope, I stopped working and opened it.

Stress gives me a headache

I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago, the first in 2 years. The news from him was not good.............high blood pressure. I wonder if the headache I get at work is the cause?

Stress does raise its ugly head, especially where I work. I have never experienced this much drama in such a small company before. Mr. C, the manager who loves to delegate seems to be the main cause of the drama in the place. The day of my doctors' appointment was the day he sent

Would you buy an electronic device made in a non-climate controlled environment?

When you bring home that little or big electronic gizmo, you read the instructions that come with it and it says that you should not use or store it under extreme temperatures.

So what about the temperatures it was manufactured under? Most major manufactures make stuff under strict climate controls, meaning that the environment is dust free and at an even temperature, except where I work.