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Beware of the prima donna co-worker

Does your company have one of those "prima donna" employees? You know the type, a kiss ass to the boss and a back stabber to their co-workers.

Our resident one was on a roll today. Most of the morning he was announcing to anyone who would listen to him, the fact that today was
his one year anniversary with the company. Then he was assigned a "hot" job that needed to be shipped out tomorrow. He was suppose to get it done ASAP but he went very slow and then went visiting or should I say kissing ass to get another job.......and he got one!!

That next job was not to his liking so he complained about that one and went back to the first one. WTF!!!! Then the lead who he was kissing ass to actually found him yet another job!! He really knows how to butter up the two women supervisors we have along with the lead. Those dumb gals don't seem to realize what he is doing. Us gals on the production line know him for what he is.......a lazy, all talk, know nothing man who thinks that what he is doing will get him promoted. Boy, have I got news for him.

You see, during that little job swapping he was doing today, the production manager was seeing it too and I could tell he was getting frustrated. I heard him say to him at least once that he needs to get that "hot" job done TODAY.

So he is good at being a kiss ass but how does he back stab us co-workers? Well he manages to bad mouth many of us and the supervisors believe him. He got one man fired this week and we found out about the firing at a meeting today. I know he had something to do with it because before that man got fired he was "talked to" about talking too much and he told me it was our resident "prima donna" that was doing all the talking and somehow he got in trouble for it. I know exactly how that happened since I was a victim of it too about 5 months ago. I have also seen him try it on others.

By the way.....that HOT job never got finished. I wonder why.

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