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Too many bosses, enough to drive you nuts

Just like the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen ruining the soup, the same can be said of bosses.

Why is it that upper management thinks that throwing a few managers at production will solve all of their problems? Just give me two managers and now you have chaos.

Just today I was put on three separate jobs by 2 different managers. None of which I managed to complete. The first one took over an hour of training by
someone else then I worked for a whole hour on it then put on another job which I had to wait to use the equipment for. The third job I ended up waiting most of the day for the QA manager to get out of meetings to approve the paperwork.

And they have the F***ing nerve to ask ME why I take so F***ing long to complete a job!!! If they had their act together then maybe everything would run smooth but no, it never does.

Who gets blamed for the problems created by management? Why it is the lowly production worker. It is in fact the poor leadership skills that the college trained idiots in charge lack that is the real cause of the mess. Forget college and go for actual experience when hiring management......better yet, hire from within.

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