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I hate job interviews

The main reason I hate looking for a job is not the applying or even the looking through pages, listings and websites just to find a job, nope, it is the interview.  It is the time when you get to met the dumb shit you will be working for and believe me there are some really dumb shits who are interviewing.

I had an interview the other day with a man at a new technology company. I asked him what he does at the company, his answer was "I'm a research scientist." So now I wonder why he is doing the interview for an admin job. Since the admin job was not working for him. Odd, very odd. But that does even come close to the bizarre job interviews I have had.

One interviewer had a list of questions that they had to ask so
I could be evaluated by an outside company. She apologized before the questions were asked because they were really strange. I remember that the first question was, "If I was an animal, which one I would choose and why." The next few were if I went to a party with a co-worker and the co-worker was using illegal drugs that night would I report it to my employer." Another one was "How would I react if I saw a memo I should not have seen but involved a questionable act or possible unlawful act on the part of the company." I ask you - how the f*** are you suppose to answer those? No I did not get the job and after an interview like that I don't think I would want to work there.

I did have an interview that left me really puzzled a few days after the interview. I had to meet with a panel of interviewers who would ask me questions. I was told before the interview that I was one of 3 or 4 that were the most qualified for the position. I had the interview, they thanked me and I left. A few days later I got an email that said, "Thank you for interviewing with us. We have decided to choose another candidate for the position. You will not hear from us again, please do not contact us." That last sentence made me wonder what happened but I have since found out that some people do call and bug the interviewer to tell them what they did wrong during the interview and quite frankly they don't want to hear from them again.

Damn, I hate interviews.

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