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The layoffs continue

I just got word that 5 more people have been let go from where I use to work. Three of their (the company) major customers have either been put on credit hold due to non payment of their orders or are not placing orders at all. One of those companies is shutting down for good and laying off 240 people.

Another company in the town where I live is shutting down operations and

Get a degree and get a better job - what a load of crap

Yes I have a college degree but that does not open doors for you when you need to get a job.

Since I have some time off now I started a Facebook account and hooked up with some former co-workers. Some have gone on to other jobs, some retired, and some went back to school. I was chatting online with a few of them and saw that they had their college graduation photos on Facebook. I asked them if they were working and most of them said no. One even remarked that she could not

I will not kiss ass to keep a job

I have been looked over or ignored for promotions due to the fact I will not, I repeat, will NOT kiss ass.

What bugs the heck out of me is the fact that others do it and get ahead, not on their ability to work and work well but that they can kiss up to a boss and the boss loves it. It makes me sick.............

I have never been part of a layoff that was done just to "clear house" but this layoff has all the markings

Well, it finally happened - laid off again

Yes, I saw the writing on the wall this time. The leads were too busy cleaning and machine maintenance was becoming an all day occupation of some of the workers. The 2 biggest customers were not accepting shipments and the products were in boxes ready for shipping. The total work orders on the books for October 2011 were only 3 as of mid September - not a good sign when that is the number of work orders shipped in a day.

I can't say that I did not see this coming. That is what I get when the company I work......worked for catered to obscure industries or ones that were failing. Their sales staff are

9/11 - where were you on that day 10 years ago?

On that day, 10 years ago, I was unemployed after a career I had for 15 years ended.  I was online and visiting a message board.  Someone had written something about the World Trade Center burning and I remembered the bomb in the basement that went off years before at the World Trade Center. I turned on the TV and then watched in horror along with the rest of the country as the day's events unfolded on the screen.

I did not know at the time that the events would change my future as well. You see I had just

WTF is adjusting the payroll?

This next paycheck should be interesting. Everyone was called into a company wide meeting and told that there would be "an adjustment in the payroll." No one will know what they are earning now until the next paycheck - in 2 weeks. So WTF are they up to now?

Of course all the dumb shits are expecting a pay I am not so positive. You have got to remember that this is the same company who is known for hiring a lot of people and

Critters at work

Today a very large.....and I mean HUGE beetle wandered out from under a storage unit in the work area. Everyone remarked that they have never seen anything like it before............but I have. It was one of those exotic beetles from South America, a Titanus giganteus. Seeing that creature started a conversation among us about all the animals they have had in that building. There have been mice and birds but nothing more unusual. One man did tell me that one mouse made a daily visit to the break room for lunch until someone chased it out of the building. When I started working there, all I saw were those tin mouse traps, so no mice in sight.

Of course that brought back memories of other places I worked at that had some animals visit inside the buildings. I think the most memorable one was the rattle snake