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Don't you just hate people who judge others by the way they look?

I am not going to get into a blog post about race or obesity no this post is something more subtle than that. I am talking about someone judging another because of the look on their face.

I worked at a company for about 8 years and then walked out. I always wondered why I was treated like shit there, until I found out one day. My brother in law also worked there in the test department. About a year after I quit he was over for a birthday party and we started to talk about the company. It was during the conversation that he confessed that everyone (meaning the people he worked with) thought I was always
grumpy because of the look on my face. He felt bad because he knew that it was not my attitude but looking like I had an attitude that got people not to talk to me or even want anything to do with me. He found out after I quit that my "looks" were due to DNA and not "being grumpy."

Of course I had to admit that after they treated me like shit for 8 years I did develop an attitude and it had nothing to do with being grumpy.

Since then I have worked at other companies where someone else was the brunt of co-workers quick judgmental views. One was directed at a lovely lady who had a Scottish accent. I thought it was beautiful but some could not understand the thicker words and thus made fun of it. Yes she did quit. If she only knew that they had the hardest time replacing her since they could not find anyone else that was as qualified as she was.

I wish people would quit acting like high schoolers when they go to work. Maybe they would not learn not to judge others by the way they look, dress or act.

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