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I hate job interviews

The main reason I hate looking for a job is not the applying or even the looking through pages, listings and websites just to find a job, nope, it is the interview.  It is the time when you get to met the dumb shit you will be working for and believe me there are some really dumb shits who are interviewing.

I had an interview the other day with a man at a new technology company. I asked him what he does at the company, his answer was "I'm a research scientist." So now I wonder why he is doing the interview for an admin job. Since the admin job was not working for him. Odd, very odd. But that does even come close to the bizarre job interviews I have had.

One interviewer had a list of questions that they had to ask so

Why can't I have that perfect job

You hear it on the news at least once a week........a person really loves their job and likes the pay too. They wouldn't even think about working somewhere else. Why can't I find a job like that?

I know what you are thinking, they probably have a college degree and worked hard to get where they are. In some cases you are probably right but the ones I see have no upper level education.

When I was in high school I did so well that I had a teacher who was willing to help me get a scholarship to a Junior college. All I needed was my parents OK and backing but they would not