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10 months and counting

I can't believe that I have been working at this hell hole for 10 months now. I was hoping that the economy would have picked up by now so I could find a decent job and not slave labor.

About 4 years ago I could have actually survived on the wages I am earning now but back then gasoline and food was cheaper. Right now it costs me about $65 a week to commute to and from work and my car gets 30MPG. So I have to pay $65 up front just for the "privilege" of working here...............yuck. That means I have to work an entire day (after taxes) to pay for gas alone.

Of course many of you would say "be thankful you have a job" and I would say

Ever get that "something is about to happen" feeling?

Those of you that have gone through countless layoffs will know the feeling I am talking about. It is that uneasy feeling that something is about to happen. I have had that nasty feeling on more than one occasion.  It usually comes on with various tell-tale signs. Here is the list that usually gets my "about to happen" feeling going:
  • Management is having more than a normal amount of closed door

Deja Vu

The place that I work for now is so much like a company that I worked for about 30 years ago. The products are similar. The organization is similar and even the people are similar.

I am so reminded of my co-workers at that company 30 years ago by the people I work with today, that I almost called my lead the name of my lead way back then.

Virgina was my lead 30 years ago. She has a similar build, height and general work ethic to my current lead. Miss "J" (my current lead) only lacks one quality that Virgina had and that was

HP in the news again

When I worked at HP I was working in the printer division. At that time, in 2007, HP was earning lots and lots of money from that section of its company. Ink, paper and printers were where HP was had its earning power.

What HP failed to see at the time was the growing trend from waste to conservation. People were not printing out photos anymore. They were saving them as digital copies and emailing them or posting them on Facebook for family and friends to see. One of the main reasons that I was not printing out photos was that the ink was so damn expensive. I could not see spending $40+ for an ink cartridge that only lasted for about a month of casual use. HP also shot themselves in the foot with

If you want to work at HP, you had better have a degree

Production workers at HP (Hewlett Packard) are mostly temp workers. HP started to phase out hiring manufacturing  employees years ago. The great majority of production is of course outside of the USA. Even some of the R & D is now located overseas. They still have some production in the USA and it is tied closely with their R & D facilities.

Here is how HP runs their temp workers. They have a division of their company called Chimes, it is the liaison between the temp agencies and HP. They have a set of rules that all the temps must follow. The rules are not conduct but how long they will be allowed to work

Can you say cheap labor?

I just finished building 100 little metal panels that needed some special foam tape. The panels are 6 inches wide and the tape is 1 inch wide. The tape has to be applied so that no metal is visible and it has to be trimmed around the edges.

I have to have every 20th piece inspected before I can continue making them. It was during one of those inspections that I asked why doesn't the company buy 6 inch wide foam tape. The answer I expected was that there is no such thing as 6 inch wide tape but that was not what I found out.

Cocaine in Silicon Valley

Back in the boom days of Silicon Valley in California cocaine could be found at most of the electronic companies. It was the drug of choice for engineers, salesmen and even upper management.

I guess that many companies got wise and that was when the drug testing became the thing to do. I do find it strange that even though most companies do drug testing on new hires, they rarely conduct any drug testing on current employees. If they did, I know several people who would be unemployed tomorrow.

Now here is a thought, if more companies did drug testing

My co-workers have the Monday morning no show syndrome

That Monday morning syndrome known as "I don't feel like going into work today," has hit the production floor this morning.

Considering the fact that the small company I work at, only has 14 people as the entire production crew and another 15 people in sales, finance, purchasing and management, it makes a huge difference when 5 people don't show up for work in production.

I am getting the feeling that people are either really fed up with

Ever been stalked at work? I have

I think that us women put up with a lot more than you guys do at work. We are sexually harassed, hit on, discriminated against and thought of as less intelligent than our co-workers. Top that off with being paid less than our counterparts and you have the average woman in the work force.

I have had the experience of being stalked at work. This happened about 12 years ago and several jobs back in time. I was working days and there was a single man who was an electronics engineer who use to frequent the department I worked in. I was a married women who had a 3 year old child at home. I loved horses and always had a horse calendar hanging in my work area. The electronics engineer knew about my love for horses and thought that I was also a rodeo fan - I am not.

He started to get overly

When the boss is away the supervisors are idiots

Is there something about the general manager that says - "when I am gone, you can do what you want to do."  That seems to be the theme for today.

The general manager made it very clear to everyone that there was to be no overtime for anyone. I took it to mean that the company could not afford to pay overtime. That did not stop at least 4 people from putting in overtime today. It was not that the work needed to be done right away, no, it was more of a case of milking what hours they could. I did see one of my co-workers fill out a form for an advance on his paycheck and he was one of the ones who was milking the hours.

Two of the people were supervisors and two of them were their "golden boys," the ones who could do no wrong in their eyes, even though they constantly make mistakes and are incredibly slow.

I can't wait to see if there is any punishment for those who are milking the hours. Most companies that say no to overtime have mandated that all claimed overtime will not be paid for unless it was PREAUTHORIZED with a signed note, not post authorized.

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