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Illegal drugs and upper management

If you worked in Silicon Valley in the late 1970's to the late 1990's you would have no doubt been exposed to the rampant illegal drug use at the management level.

I have seen everything from mary j to coke use at work by managers, CEO's and salesmen. I have seen less use at the

Sneaky ways a company will screw over its employees

There are probably a million ways for a company to cut corners at their employees expense but I have experienced 2 very recently.

The place I work at now is a cheap skate company, to say the least. One of the ways they screw over their employees is to mess with their paychecks. Every pay period I have had to make a trip to the finance department to complain about my check being

Smelly co-workers

Ok, show of hands, how many of you have had to work with someone that smells really bad?

Vladimir (sorry, I don't remember his real name) was a man from Romania that I worked with in the mid 1980s. He assembled huge panels with wire harnesses and was in the mechanical assembly area. I was a QC inspector at the time.

The other assemblers in that area were always making jokes about how bad he reeked of a pungent

My family does not want to hear about my workday

Is your family the same as mine?

If something stupid or bad happens at work and I need to mentally unload on someone, I can't, because my family doesn't want to hear it. If I start to even say what happened at work, I am cut off with "I don't want to hear it."

I have a good friend that will listen to my tales of woe. The problem is that

Reasons why manufacturing and office work don't mix well

My elderly manager is a constant source of stupidity.

It seems that his brilliance really shines on Fridays. Yesterday was yet another brilliant Friday. The whole day was full of surprising dumbness on his part.

The day started off rather well and it was just an hour into my shift when my manager made the remark that he was moving his office from upstairs to the manufacturing area so he could be closer to his employees. The brilliant idea was to set up his office at one of the work benches and he chose

I swear the boss needs to pass a mental test

The elderly man who was hired just 3 months ago as manufacturing manager needs some meds or a brain scan.

Work was so boring today. There was no work, just reading procedures......for 6 hours!!! During this utterly boring day the management saw fit to not send anyone home but wait until work was released to the production floor. It never came. What happened to me instead, made me think that I must be the only intelligent person in the place.

The elderly manager, who must be in his 70's, took me aside to have a little "talk." What transpired was, I swear, the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. He said

Open letter to the dumb shits in charge of HP

To the executives, board of directors, stockholders and management of HP (Hewlett-Packard):

I worked at your miserable excuse for a company as a temp for 2 long years. You like to announce to the world that you are the largest computer maker, but in reality you are the biggest slave owner.You have mentally abused your employees in the USA and use low paid labor in countries such as India and China.

Since the original founders of the company have died, you took over and managed to drag a once famous American company into the gutter. The products you churn out are now garbage. I am typing this on a Compaq laptop which in only 3 years old. In that time it has had the following replaced - 3 mother boards, 1 power board, 1 keyboard and 2 ac power adapters. All of them due to design flaws.

In your TV ads of a few years ago, you use to emphasize the importance of printing photos (to sell your high priced ink) then people wised up and

If you don't need the money - don't take the job

Nothing gets under my skin as much as someone taking a job from someone else.

The third job I ever had was my first one at a major electronics company. It was located in Menlo Park, California which is next door to Atherton, a very wealthy community. The company had just finished restructuring as they use to call it (they fired the upper management) and the operations manager took

The co-worker that tried to sleep her way to becoming my boss

This chick was not only stupid but ugly to boot.

This took place almost 20 years ago now but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of Julie. She was a temp worker that was hired to replace me while I was out on maternity leave. She was single, in her 30's and lived with her sister's family in exchange for her to babysit her nieces while their parents busted butt earning enough money to pay the bills. Julie did not have a boyfriend nor any outside life of her own.

How do my bosses end up in charge - they have low IQ's!!

The one major reason that I started this blog was what happened to me today.

It was a nice, sunny, Friday afternoon and I was stuck washing PCB's (printed circuit boards for those of you not in the industry) by putting them in this ancient organic washing machine. Since the process takes awhile, I was standing and waiting for the boards to come out and along comes my supervisor. This little old man got the job of supervisor just a few short months ago and I wonder why he is still working at his age. Anyway, he stops to ask me if I am excited that it is Friday, his words, not mine. Before I say "of course" he proceeds to

Gads!!! My first post

I have worked for years and years at various electronic companies and I have decided to spill the beans so to speak about the dumb shits I have worked with both way back when and now. I'll keep their names off of the blog....for now, unless they really piss me off. Let's face it, they are really dumb.