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The co-worker that tried to sleep her way to becoming my boss

This chick was not only stupid but ugly to boot.

This took place almost 20 years ago now but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of Julie. She was a temp worker that was hired to replace me while I was out on maternity leave. She was single, in her 30's and lived with her sister's family in exchange for her to babysit her nieces while their parents busted butt earning enough money to pay the bills. Julie did not have a boyfriend nor any outside life of her own.

When I came back from maternity leave, Julie was let go a week later. About a year goes by and the company has a need to hire people again. Julie comes back but this time as a regular employee. Then her true self comes to light.

I was a lead at the time and I get wind that Julie is trying to be made my boss!!!This was only after she had been back for a month. I had a talk with my manager about it and he told me that he was actually thinking about it!! Looking back I wonder if she gave the guy a quickie in the office one day. After our talk he let the matter drop.......then he drops dead!! Yes he died not long after our talk. The engineering manager was put in charge of our department as a temporary manager. Julie saw another opportunity. She would try and use her feminine charms to climb the corporate ladder.

Big clues as to what she was doing when I witnessed the office Christmas party, in the office....... and pictures were being taken. She posed sitting on the engineering manager's lap and the photos never showed up on the bulletin board. She told another co-worker that she tried to get him in bed but it never happened.

A new manager was found shortly after that. I liked the new manager. He was open and frank with what went on at the upper management level. One day after he had been with the company for about 3 weeks, I took him aside and warned him about Julie. He told me that he already knew. He was told to watch out for her by the engineering manager and the fact that she had already hit on him!!!

Julie was not fired but was moved to another building where she would have less contact with upper management. Eventually the company shut its doors and Julie never did get promoted but got laid off with the rest of us.

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