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Open letter to the dumb shits in charge of HP

To the executives, board of directors, stockholders and management of HP (Hewlett-Packard):

I worked at your miserable excuse for a company as a temp for 2 long years. You like to announce to the world that you are the largest computer maker, but in reality you are the biggest slave owner.You have mentally abused your employees in the USA and use low paid labor in countries such as India and China.

Since the original founders of the company have died, you took over and managed to drag a once famous American company into the gutter. The products you churn out are now garbage. I am typing this on a Compaq laptop which in only 3 years old. In that time it has had the following replaced - 3 mother boards, 1 power board, 1 keyboard and 2 ac power adapters. All of them due to design flaws.

In your TV ads of a few years ago, you use to emphasize the importance of printing photos (to sell your high priced ink) then people wised up and
stopped printing out so much junk, digital sharing had come.

Your employees live in constant fear that they will have to travel overseas to train their replacements. Many HP facilities are now empty or staffed with a skeleton crew of temp workers.

Speaking of temp workers - your company sucks. Temp workers are treated like trash at your company. You made your company within a company just to manage your temp work crew. I would personally like to see the end of the use of temporary workers end in the USA. If a company has someone work at their place (to produce their products or services) they have to hire them as regular employees.

Will this open letter make a difference to they way you think and act as people in charge of HP? Probably not, but your customers will read this and decide on buying something else, then you can no longer scream that you are number 1.

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