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My dream of quiting in style

I have a dream, a dream of leaving the place I work at - in style.

Have you ever wanted to tell your job or boss to shove it? I think that everyone has during their working lifetime. My dream is to not only get a better job or better yet a very reliable income that I could pick and choose to work when and where I wanted to. Once I got that dream job or career, I would like to quit my god forsaken PITA job in real style.

My idea of "real style" would arrive at work slightly late, say about 30 minutes or so, in a vehicle that would

Management screws up - yet again

I can't even go on a few days vacation from my work place without coming back to more drama. If this keeps up maybe I should be writing a soap opera and not a blog.

While I was gone the dumb shit of a production manager was fired. This was the same dip shit who had a royal fit because I needed to take off a Friday and not work his "mandatory" Saturday work day. Well it turns out that on the Friday, when I was gone, all "mandatory" overtime was cancelled. This happened right after (and I mean within hours) the dip shit was canned.

Today came the bombshell of a meeting of why the idiot got canned. Apparently he was

I dread Mondays

I know that song "Just Another Manic Monday" and the other one about shooting the "whole day down," must have been written with my job in mind.

Mondays are often the days when everything changes at work. Customers get put on credit holds and we can't ship the items we have already built to them. The company I work for is not getting parts in time due to all the other, bigger, companies grabbing them up or worse yet, the company I work for is not paying their bills. Mondays are also when you find out those rumor mills are true that you heard on Friday.

Mondays are also the days when new people start working at the company or new rules go into effect. Yes, Mondays are a PITA.

They (Mondays) are also the day when you find out which employees are noticed for having hangovers or call in sick all the time. Some of them never show up again. I knew several people over the years that died over the weekends and the company was the only one to send someone out to check on them. Other employees were in jail and never returned.

I am not too fond of Mondays. The only way that would change is if I didn't have to physically go to work on Mondays. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

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Could you please grow a set of balls?

The operations manager is on vacation. You would think that it does not make a bit of difference to the company but you would be wrong.

The operations manager has made the company a place where ALL of the decisions have to be run past him first before anyone can change ANYTHING. Just today I found an error on a

A word about company politics

I can't get over the fact that the place that I work at has too much drama and politics going on. You will probably say that it is typical of most companies but this place has less than 15 people in production and that includes the supervisor!!

I am not alone in thinking there is much too much going on in the place other than work. The manager that gave his notice just last week had a very private meeting with me today. He wanted to let me know

All I want to be is an average American worker

Did you see the news report on MSNBC  few days ago? They had what the average American worker earns a week after taxes and they were discussing how low it was.

So are you ready to read what the "average" worker gets? I bet you are and I bet you were average too. So without further delay here it is:

I have been talked to....................

Don't you just hate getting called to the office? Most of the time it is bad news and this time it was just odd.

Getting called to the office or conference room usually entails getting fired or laid off or on rarer occasions a rise and a promotion. In this economy it is usually the former rather than the latter.

My morning started out normal and I had plans to get a lot done. I was working a job I really liked and it was easy for me. About one hour into my shift, my immediate supervisor calls me. He needs me to accompany him to the conference room. Gawd, the conference room!! What the heck did I do?? I arrived to be greeted by 2 other managers. I sat down.

Building products for customers who can't pay

It is the first day after the 4th of July weekend and business is booming, at least the work load is. The dumb shits in charge of the company I work for have a problem. One of their biggest customers is not paying their bills.

Two weeks ago it was decided that everyone has to do mandatory overtime to the tune of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and Saturdays. This was to accommodate their biggest customer to whom they were shipping very expensive units. They were being shipped COD and wanted 20 units a day shipped. Each unit has a profit of about $900. Then the customer went on credit hold.............they were no longer paying their bills. So what does this dumb shit company do?

My turn to be a dumb shit

I had a blonde moment yesterday at work............yes it was my turn to do something dumb.

I was building and packing some mechanical assemblies. I counted them and I had 48 packaged and ready to ship at least that was what I could swear was the case. At the end of the day, shipping had only taken 16 to ship with 28 units, at least that was my count. The guy doing the shipping swore that every unit had a mechanical assembly with it. So dumb me, I tell my boss that I think the count is "off." So here comes all the upper managers in the company to