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What some companies will do for money

It was in the late 1980's when I got a job working for a temp agency. I had a lot of electronic technical skills and I was in high demand. At the time I had gone on several interviews for regular full time jobs but the weeding process was long in those days (gee, not much has changed) and I needed a temp job while waiting for a "real" job to come along.

I was sent out by the temp agency to a business in the industrial area, close to where I lived. The building was not marked in any way to let you know what the name of the business was. I had a very brief orientation and was shown what they did. I saw desk top computers being assembled but not from the component level but from the board level on up. I never saw keyboards or monitors.

My job was to match the orders being made to the packing slips going out the door. Simple right? Yes it was until I found out what they were doing. They were breaking the law!!

Workers that live in the past and can't let go

I have been laid off from a number of places during the past 10 years. Most of them were pretty cut and dry - you were laid off, period. Except for one company that laid off 6 people and told all of them that when the work picked up they would be called back. The company strung them along for

Making money while waiting for a job interview to come along

The internet is so full of scams for us unemployed people, there outta be a law......

I have personally tried paid surveys (about $5 a month if lucky), blogging (this blog, just pennies so far) online sales (selling on and got about $25 a week) and eBay........let me tell you about eBay.

First up, you can make a great living selling stuff on eBay but it is not for the faint of heart. As a seller you will get people who have buyers remorse and want to keep what you sold them and want a refund as well. I wish those rip off buyers would quit trying

Stay away from Facebook if you don't want the world to know about your workplace

Since I am now laid off, I have plenty of time to spend on the internet looking for work and networking with people. Of course there are plenty of dumb shits that are networking the WRONG way. Facebook has got to be the last place you want to be if you are a gossip nut. I thought that rumors traveled fast at work, but no............Facebook is faster.

You would not believe what people put on their "wall" at Facebook. Most people are pretty smart and don't put

I hate job interviews

The main reason I hate looking for a job is not the applying or even the looking through pages, listings and websites just to find a job, nope, it is the interview.  It is the time when you get to met the dumb shit you will be working for and believe me there are some really dumb shits who are interviewing.

I had an interview the other day with a man at a new technology company. I asked him what he does at the company, his answer was "I'm a research scientist." So now I wonder why he is doing the interview for an admin job. Since the admin job was not working for him. Odd, very odd. But that does even come close to the bizarre job interviews I have had.

One interviewer had a list of questions that they had to ask so

Why can't I have that perfect job

You hear it on the news at least once a week........a person really loves their job and likes the pay too. They wouldn't even think about working somewhere else. Why can't I find a job like that?

I know what you are thinking, they probably have a college degree and worked hard to get where they are. In some cases you are probably right but the ones I see have no upper level education.

When I was in high school I did so well that I had a teacher who was willing to help me get a scholarship to a Junior college. All I needed was my parents OK and backing but they would not

The layoffs continue

I just got word that 5 more people have been let go from where I use to work. Three of their (the company) major customers have either been put on credit hold due to non payment of their orders or are not placing orders at all. One of those companies is shutting down for good and laying off 240 people.

Another company in the town where I live is shutting down operations and

Get a degree and get a better job - what a load of crap

Yes I have a college degree but that does not open doors for you when you need to get a job.

Since I have some time off now I started a Facebook account and hooked up with some former co-workers. Some have gone on to other jobs, some retired, and some went back to school. I was chatting online with a few of them and saw that they had their college graduation photos on Facebook. I asked them if they were working and most of them said no. One even remarked that she could not

I will not kiss ass to keep a job

I have been looked over or ignored for promotions due to the fact I will not, I repeat, will NOT kiss ass.

What bugs the heck out of me is the fact that others do it and get ahead, not on their ability to work and work well but that they can kiss up to a boss and the boss loves it. It makes me sick.............

I have never been part of a layoff that was done just to "clear house" but this layoff has all the markings

Well, it finally happened - laid off again

Yes, I saw the writing on the wall this time. The leads were too busy cleaning and machine maintenance was becoming an all day occupation of some of the workers. The 2 biggest customers were not accepting shipments and the products were in boxes ready for shipping. The total work orders on the books for October 2011 were only 3 as of mid September - not a good sign when that is the number of work orders shipped in a day.

I can't say that I did not see this coming. That is what I get when the company I work......worked for catered to obscure industries or ones that were failing. Their sales staff are

9/11 - where were you on that day 10 years ago?

On that day, 10 years ago, I was unemployed after a career I had for 15 years ended.  I was online and visiting a message board.  Someone had written something about the World Trade Center burning and I remembered the bomb in the basement that went off years before at the World Trade Center. I turned on the TV and then watched in horror along with the rest of the country as the day's events unfolded on the screen.

I did not know at the time that the events would change my future as well. You see I had just

WTF is adjusting the payroll?

This next paycheck should be interesting. Everyone was called into a company wide meeting and told that there would be "an adjustment in the payroll." No one will know what they are earning now until the next paycheck - in 2 weeks. So WTF are they up to now?

Of course all the dumb shits are expecting a pay I am not so positive. You have got to remember that this is the same company who is known for hiring a lot of people and

Critters at work

Today a very large.....and I mean HUGE beetle wandered out from under a storage unit in the work area. Everyone remarked that they have never seen anything like it before............but I have. It was one of those exotic beetles from South America, a Titanus giganteus. Seeing that creature started a conversation among us about all the animals they have had in that building. There have been mice and birds but nothing more unusual. One man did tell me that one mouse made a daily visit to the break room for lunch until someone chased it out of the building. When I started working there, all I saw were those tin mouse traps, so no mice in sight.

Of course that brought back memories of other places I worked at that had some animals visit inside the buildings. I think the most memorable one was the rattle snake

10 months and counting

I can't believe that I have been working at this hell hole for 10 months now. I was hoping that the economy would have picked up by now so I could find a decent job and not slave labor.

About 4 years ago I could have actually survived on the wages I am earning now but back then gasoline and food was cheaper. Right now it costs me about $65 a week to commute to and from work and my car gets 30MPG. So I have to pay $65 up front just for the "privilege" of working here...............yuck. That means I have to work an entire day (after taxes) to pay for gas alone.

Of course many of you would say "be thankful you have a job" and I would say

Ever get that "something is about to happen" feeling?

Those of you that have gone through countless layoffs will know the feeling I am talking about. It is that uneasy feeling that something is about to happen. I have had that nasty feeling on more than one occasion.  It usually comes on with various tell-tale signs. Here is the list that usually gets my "about to happen" feeling going:
  • Management is having more than a normal amount of closed door

Deja Vu

The place that I work for now is so much like a company that I worked for about 30 years ago. The products are similar. The organization is similar and even the people are similar.

I am so reminded of my co-workers at that company 30 years ago by the people I work with today, that I almost called my lead the name of my lead way back then.

Virgina was my lead 30 years ago. She has a similar build, height and general work ethic to my current lead. Miss "J" (my current lead) only lacks one quality that Virgina had and that was

HP in the news again

When I worked at HP I was working in the printer division. At that time, in 2007, HP was earning lots and lots of money from that section of its company. Ink, paper and printers were where HP was had its earning power.

What HP failed to see at the time was the growing trend from waste to conservation. People were not printing out photos anymore. They were saving them as digital copies and emailing them or posting them on Facebook for family and friends to see. One of the main reasons that I was not printing out photos was that the ink was so damn expensive. I could not see spending $40+ for an ink cartridge that only lasted for about a month of casual use. HP also shot themselves in the foot with

If you want to work at HP, you had better have a degree

Production workers at HP (Hewlett Packard) are mostly temp workers. HP started to phase out hiring manufacturing  employees years ago. The great majority of production is of course outside of the USA. Even some of the R & D is now located overseas. They still have some production in the USA and it is tied closely with their R & D facilities.

Here is how HP runs their temp workers. They have a division of their company called Chimes, it is the liaison between the temp agencies and HP. They have a set of rules that all the temps must follow. The rules are not conduct but how long they will be allowed to work

Can you say cheap labor?

I just finished building 100 little metal panels that needed some special foam tape. The panels are 6 inches wide and the tape is 1 inch wide. The tape has to be applied so that no metal is visible and it has to be trimmed around the edges.

I have to have every 20th piece inspected before I can continue making them. It was during one of those inspections that I asked why doesn't the company buy 6 inch wide foam tape. The answer I expected was that there is no such thing as 6 inch wide tape but that was not what I found out.

Cocaine in Silicon Valley

Back in the boom days of Silicon Valley in California cocaine could be found at most of the electronic companies. It was the drug of choice for engineers, salesmen and even upper management.

I guess that many companies got wise and that was when the drug testing became the thing to do. I do find it strange that even though most companies do drug testing on new hires, they rarely conduct any drug testing on current employees. If they did, I know several people who would be unemployed tomorrow.

Now here is a thought, if more companies did drug testing

My co-workers have the Monday morning no show syndrome

That Monday morning syndrome known as "I don't feel like going into work today," has hit the production floor this morning.

Considering the fact that the small company I work at, only has 14 people as the entire production crew and another 15 people in sales, finance, purchasing and management, it makes a huge difference when 5 people don't show up for work in production.

I am getting the feeling that people are either really fed up with

Ever been stalked at work? I have

I think that us women put up with a lot more than you guys do at work. We are sexually harassed, hit on, discriminated against and thought of as less intelligent than our co-workers. Top that off with being paid less than our counterparts and you have the average woman in the work force.

I have had the experience of being stalked at work. This happened about 12 years ago and several jobs back in time. I was working days and there was a single man who was an electronics engineer who use to frequent the department I worked in. I was a married women who had a 3 year old child at home. I loved horses and always had a horse calendar hanging in my work area. The electronics engineer knew about my love for horses and thought that I was also a rodeo fan - I am not.

He started to get overly

When the boss is away the supervisors are idiots

Is there something about the general manager that says - "when I am gone, you can do what you want to do."  That seems to be the theme for today.

The general manager made it very clear to everyone that there was to be no overtime for anyone. I took it to mean that the company could not afford to pay overtime. That did not stop at least 4 people from putting in overtime today. It was not that the work needed to be done right away, no, it was more of a case of milking what hours they could. I did see one of my co-workers fill out a form for an advance on his paycheck and he was one of the ones who was milking the hours.

Two of the people were supervisors and two of them were their "golden boys," the ones who could do no wrong in their eyes, even though they constantly make mistakes and are incredibly slow.

I can't wait to see if there is any punishment for those who are milking the hours. Most companies that say no to overtime have mandated that all claimed overtime will not be paid for unless it was PREAUTHORIZED with a signed note, not post authorized.

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My dream of quiting in style

I have a dream, a dream of leaving the place I work at - in style.

Have you ever wanted to tell your job or boss to shove it? I think that everyone has during their working lifetime. My dream is to not only get a better job or better yet a very reliable income that I could pick and choose to work when and where I wanted to. Once I got that dream job or career, I would like to quit my god forsaken PITA job in real style.

My idea of "real style" would arrive at work slightly late, say about 30 minutes or so, in a vehicle that would

Management screws up - yet again

I can't even go on a few days vacation from my work place without coming back to more drama. If this keeps up maybe I should be writing a soap opera and not a blog.

While I was gone the dumb shit of a production manager was fired. This was the same dip shit who had a royal fit because I needed to take off a Friday and not work his "mandatory" Saturday work day. Well it turns out that on the Friday, when I was gone, all "mandatory" overtime was cancelled. This happened right after (and I mean within hours) the dip shit was canned.

Today came the bombshell of a meeting of why the idiot got canned. Apparently he was

I dread Mondays

I know that song "Just Another Manic Monday" and the other one about shooting the "whole day down," must have been written with my job in mind.

Mondays are often the days when everything changes at work. Customers get put on credit holds and we can't ship the items we have already built to them. The company I work for is not getting parts in time due to all the other, bigger, companies grabbing them up or worse yet, the company I work for is not paying their bills. Mondays are also when you find out those rumor mills are true that you heard on Friday.

Mondays are also the days when new people start working at the company or new rules go into effect. Yes, Mondays are a PITA.

They (Mondays) are also the day when you find out which employees are noticed for having hangovers or call in sick all the time. Some of them never show up again. I knew several people over the years that died over the weekends and the company was the only one to send someone out to check on them. Other employees were in jail and never returned.

I am not too fond of Mondays. The only way that would change is if I didn't have to physically go to work on Mondays. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

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Could you please grow a set of balls?

The operations manager is on vacation. You would think that it does not make a bit of difference to the company but you would be wrong.

The operations manager has made the company a place where ALL of the decisions have to be run past him first before anyone can change ANYTHING. Just today I found an error on a

A word about company politics

I can't get over the fact that the place that I work at has too much drama and politics going on. You will probably say that it is typical of most companies but this place has less than 15 people in production and that includes the supervisor!!

I am not alone in thinking there is much too much going on in the place other than work. The manager that gave his notice just last week had a very private meeting with me today. He wanted to let me know

All I want to be is an average American worker

Did you see the news report on MSNBC  few days ago? They had what the average American worker earns a week after taxes and they were discussing how low it was.

So are you ready to read what the "average" worker gets? I bet you are and I bet you were average too. So without further delay here it is:

I have been talked to....................

Don't you just hate getting called to the office? Most of the time it is bad news and this time it was just odd.

Getting called to the office or conference room usually entails getting fired or laid off or on rarer occasions a rise and a promotion. In this economy it is usually the former rather than the latter.

My morning started out normal and I had plans to get a lot done. I was working a job I really liked and it was easy for me. About one hour into my shift, my immediate supervisor calls me. He needs me to accompany him to the conference room. Gawd, the conference room!! What the heck did I do?? I arrived to be greeted by 2 other managers. I sat down.

Building products for customers who can't pay

It is the first day after the 4th of July weekend and business is booming, at least the work load is. The dumb shits in charge of the company I work for have a problem. One of their biggest customers is not paying their bills.

Two weeks ago it was decided that everyone has to do mandatory overtime to the tune of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and Saturdays. This was to accommodate their biggest customer to whom they were shipping very expensive units. They were being shipped COD and wanted 20 units a day shipped. Each unit has a profit of about $900. Then the customer went on credit hold.............they were no longer paying their bills. So what does this dumb shit company do?

My turn to be a dumb shit

I had a blonde moment yesterday at work............yes it was my turn to do something dumb.

I was building and packing some mechanical assemblies. I counted them and I had 48 packaged and ready to ship at least that was what I could swear was the case. At the end of the day, shipping had only taken 16 to ship with 28 units, at least that was my count. The guy doing the shipping swore that every unit had a mechanical assembly with it. So dumb me, I tell my boss that I think the count is "off." So here comes all the upper managers in the company to

The best way to walk out on your employer

Don't you just hate it when you really hate where you are working but can't seem to quit? I walked out on one company and loved it.

Back in the early 1980's I worked for a company in Menlo Park, CA that made controllers for robotics. I worked there for 6 years when I fell in love and married a co-worker. During those 6 years I was convinced by my "old school" thinking dad that you never quit a job. His idea was that once you were in a job for a few years you stayed there until the company shut its doors or

Being in charge does not mean you can goof off

The dream of every production line worker is to be one step higher on the "food chain" at work.

When I just started the job I have now, a co-worker was training me on a product line. After several days of working with him, the conversation turned to where he had worked in the past and what his ambitions were for this company and his future goals. It did surprise me that he wanted our lead's job, considering he lacked the knowledge and personality for it. If he would only take a good look in the mirror at himself, he would realize that nobody wanted to work for him..............heck I didn't even like being trained by him. He liked to tell people what to do, much like a slave owner. He even was so lazy that he had me get up from what I was doing to get him a tool or a folder when he could have done it and in fact it was HIS job to do it, not mine. Now that you have a bit of background on his style of leadership, let me tell you what happened this past week with him.

What he lacks in skill and leadership qualities he makes up for in bull shit. He can con a manager into believing that he is the right person to put in charge of a product line. He has managed to convince the new production manager to let him

Where is production control? Nowhere in sight

I really can't see how the company I work for stays in business. They have no one and I mean absolutely no one in charge of production control. Production control is the department or person who is in charge of scheduling work orders and making sure they are released to production in a timely manner to make sure the product gets shipped on time.

Here is how they do it here. The production manager runs out of work for his crew and

They just fired the sweetest man today

Mr "K" came up to me just before the last break of the day and told me that it was nice working with me. He had just been fired!

He had only worked for the company for about 4 months and seemed to really like working here. He was always on time, never missed a day. I enjoyed working with him. He picked up how to do a new job very easily. He was a quite, older man and now he had been fired.

Before he left I asked him if he had any warnings or been written up for anything, he said

The pig sty I work at

The owner of the company I work for has so much pride in the dump (yes it is a dump) that he invited a group of business people that he is a member of, to tour the place today. We were to stop work 20 minutes early just to tidy up the place. I hate to tell him that 20 hours would not make that place look better.

After I cleaned up my work area I left. It was on the drive home that the old saying of making a silk purse out of a sows ear came to mind. You cannot make something out to be what it is not.

Let me give you a good idea of the place that the owner is trying to show off. The building is over 30 years

The surprise envelope

As I sat working today, the vice president of the company came around with a stack of envelopes. It was not payday and the envelopes were thick.

I waited my turn while I watched my co-workers get their envelopes. None of them opened up the envelopes right away. Scared of what the management might think, "they stopped working to see what was inside the envelope, shame on them."

What was in that envelope? My mind thought up visions of a bonus, maybe tickets to a company function or even a gift certificate and a thank you note. As he finally handed me my mystery envelope, I stopped working and opened it.

Stress gives me a headache

I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago, the first in 2 years. The news from him was not good.............high blood pressure. I wonder if the headache I get at work is the cause?

Stress does raise its ugly head, especially where I work. I have never experienced this much drama in such a small company before. Mr. C, the manager who loves to delegate seems to be the main cause of the drama in the place. The day of my doctors' appointment was the day he sent

Would you buy an electronic device made in a non-climate controlled environment?

When you bring home that little or big electronic gizmo, you read the instructions that come with it and it says that you should not use or store it under extreme temperatures.

So what about the temperatures it was manufactured under? Most major manufactures make stuff under strict climate controls, meaning that the environment is dust free and at an even temperature, except where I work.

Who put these people in charge?

Today is the first day back to work after the Memorial Day weekend. There is a distinct lack of work.

I was assigned to cleaning a room because there were no work orders to do. Other people were working but this nutty company will not put more than an "X" number of workers on a job because they claim it puts a higher cost on the product. Yet, don't they understand that the company still has to pay

I jinx the companies I work for - they go out of business

Almost all of the companies I have worked for have gone out of business or have been absorbed into other companies. This has been going on for the last 30 years. I feel like I am a jinx.

The first little job I had was small variety store. I worked there for just one day and realized that retail was not my thing. Although the store was in business for many years after that one day, it finally went out of business.

The next job was working at a distribution center for a major clothing store. What the distribution center did was to receive in the shipments of clothes from China, India and other countries, repackage them into smaller shipments and send them out to the stores. I worked there for 6 months then was laid off with many others. The company went under about a year later.

The third company was a small solar company that made solar controllers. I worked there for a year and

A sure sign that you hate your job

Do you need any excuse not to go to work? Then you might just hate your job.

Yep I have been in those shoes. Hating my job or should I say, jobs. I have been through so many of those damn, useless jobs that went nowhere and treated you like a slave. You were not allowed to

Beware of the prima donna co-worker

Does your company have one of those "prima donna" employees? You know the type, a kiss ass to the boss and a back stabber to their co-workers.

Our resident one was on a roll today. Most of the morning he was announcing to anyone who would listen to him, the fact that today was

Good God!! The place I work in is haunted!!

This is not the first time that I have worked in a supposed haunted building and probably will not be my last.

A few years ago, one of the test techs that I worked with, swore he would never again work on his own on a Saturday again....ever.

What happened was that he heard toilets being flushed on their own in both of the company's restrooms. He also heard

All talk and not much else

Beware of co-workers that shoot the shit and themselves in the foot at the same time.

I started a new job just over 6 months ago. It is an established company that went through a massive layoff about 2.5 years ago. Just about a year ago it started hiring again. The assortment of people they hired was interesting to say the least.

Since I started here 6 months ago, 6 people have left. The company only has 28 people working there, so 6 people is HUGE. The 6 that have left were, lets say,

How companies love to control people

Why do we, as workers, let a company rule our lives?

I don't know about how you feel about earning a paycheck, but I work to pay my bills, eat and enjoy life. I do not work to enable the company I work for an endless supply of my talents and labor. So why do companies like to insist that you are working for THEM and not for YOU.

A case in point is

Too many bosses, enough to drive you nuts

Just like the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen ruining the soup, the same can be said of bosses.

Why is it that upper management thinks that throwing a few managers at production will solve all of their problems? Just give me two managers and now you have chaos.

Just today I was put on three separate jobs by 2 different managers. None of which I managed to complete. The first one took over an hour of training by

Production schedules and why they are messed up

I wish I worked at a company that actually has a production scheduler. As it happens, the nut jobs where I work just don't have a clue.

Imagine you are a company that wants something made and you ask that it be delivered by a certain date. You give the company making your item at least 30 to 60 days notice thinking that the company can get your stuff to you on time. Not if you order the stuff from the place I work at.

I am constantly working on projects that were not even kitted

A sure sign you don't like working where you do

If you are not sure if you really like working where you do, here is a list that will help you make up your mind:
  • You call into work at least once a month, claiming you are sick when you are not
  • You are really beginning to hate it when the boss mentions that you have to stay for "mandatory" overtime, about one hour before the end of your shift
  • You have actually fantasized how you would quit your job
  • You are running out of excuses to call in with, the "sickness" was only good for one week and the car trouble for a few days, the death in the family might be next on the list
  • You have started to take up unhealthy habits like drinking at work to combat the stress of the stupid co-workers the company keeps hiring for you to train

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Illegal drugs and upper management

If you worked in Silicon Valley in the late 1970's to the late 1990's you would have no doubt been exposed to the rampant illegal drug use at the management level.

I have seen everything from mary j to coke use at work by managers, CEO's and salesmen. I have seen less use at the

Sneaky ways a company will screw over its employees

There are probably a million ways for a company to cut corners at their employees expense but I have experienced 2 very recently.

The place I work at now is a cheap skate company, to say the least. One of the ways they screw over their employees is to mess with their paychecks. Every pay period I have had to make a trip to the finance department to complain about my check being

Smelly co-workers

Ok, show of hands, how many of you have had to work with someone that smells really bad?

Vladimir (sorry, I don't remember his real name) was a man from Romania that I worked with in the mid 1980s. He assembled huge panels with wire harnesses and was in the mechanical assembly area. I was a QC inspector at the time.

The other assemblers in that area were always making jokes about how bad he reeked of a pungent

My family does not want to hear about my workday

Is your family the same as mine?

If something stupid or bad happens at work and I need to mentally unload on someone, I can't, because my family doesn't want to hear it. If I start to even say what happened at work, I am cut off with "I don't want to hear it."

I have a good friend that will listen to my tales of woe. The problem is that

Reasons why manufacturing and office work don't mix well

My elderly manager is a constant source of stupidity.

It seems that his brilliance really shines on Fridays. Yesterday was yet another brilliant Friday. The whole day was full of surprising dumbness on his part.

The day started off rather well and it was just an hour into my shift when my manager made the remark that he was moving his office from upstairs to the manufacturing area so he could be closer to his employees. The brilliant idea was to set up his office at one of the work benches and he chose

I swear the boss needs to pass a mental test

The elderly man who was hired just 3 months ago as manufacturing manager needs some meds or a brain scan.

Work was so boring today. There was no work, just reading procedures......for 6 hours!!! During this utterly boring day the management saw fit to not send anyone home but wait until work was released to the production floor. It never came. What happened to me instead, made me think that I must be the only intelligent person in the place.

The elderly manager, who must be in his 70's, took me aside to have a little "talk." What transpired was, I swear, the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. He said

Open letter to the dumb shits in charge of HP

To the executives, board of directors, stockholders and management of HP (Hewlett-Packard):

I worked at your miserable excuse for a company as a temp for 2 long years. You like to announce to the world that you are the largest computer maker, but in reality you are the biggest slave owner.You have mentally abused your employees in the USA and use low paid labor in countries such as India and China.

Since the original founders of the company have died, you took over and managed to drag a once famous American company into the gutter. The products you churn out are now garbage. I am typing this on a Compaq laptop which in only 3 years old. In that time it has had the following replaced - 3 mother boards, 1 power board, 1 keyboard and 2 ac power adapters. All of them due to design flaws.

In your TV ads of a few years ago, you use to emphasize the importance of printing photos (to sell your high priced ink) then people wised up and

If you don't need the money - don't take the job

Nothing gets under my skin as much as someone taking a job from someone else.

The third job I ever had was my first one at a major electronics company. It was located in Menlo Park, California which is next door to Atherton, a very wealthy community. The company had just finished restructuring as they use to call it (they fired the upper management) and the operations manager took

The co-worker that tried to sleep her way to becoming my boss

This chick was not only stupid but ugly to boot.

This took place almost 20 years ago now but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of Julie. She was a temp worker that was hired to replace me while I was out on maternity leave. She was single, in her 30's and lived with her sister's family in exchange for her to babysit her nieces while their parents busted butt earning enough money to pay the bills. Julie did not have a boyfriend nor any outside life of her own.

How do my bosses end up in charge - they have low IQ's!!

The one major reason that I started this blog was what happened to me today.

It was a nice, sunny, Friday afternoon and I was stuck washing PCB's (printed circuit boards for those of you not in the industry) by putting them in this ancient organic washing machine. Since the process takes awhile, I was standing and waiting for the boards to come out and along comes my supervisor. This little old man got the job of supervisor just a few short months ago and I wonder why he is still working at his age. Anyway, he stops to ask me if I am excited that it is Friday, his words, not mine. Before I say "of course" he proceeds to

Gads!!! My first post

I have worked for years and years at various electronic companies and I have decided to spill the beans so to speak about the dumb shits I have worked with both way back when and now. I'll keep their names off of the blog....for now, unless they really piss me off. Let's face it, they are really dumb.