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Workers that get a raise and get into more trouble

I swear, some people are dumber than shit. I worked with a guy that started off as a tech at a very well known semi-conductor company. He worked his way up to being a manager. During that journey his pay went from $40k a year to well over $120K a year. His problem is that he didn't know how to manage money. He was great at handling people but money went through his fingers like water.

I had not seen him in over a year but we had talked on the phone. We no longer work together and he is still at the same place, I think for 20+ years now. He told me that he has to sell his house because he could no longer pay the $3K a month mortgage!! Wait, at $3K a month that is only $24K a year which is about 20% of his pay. There must be more to the story, and there was. He and his wife are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt. They also declared bankruptcy which I found odd since he earned so much money. The story sounded strange because if he declared bankruptcy then he could now afford to pay for the house.

To put the icing on his bitter cake, he also told me that he might quit his job and start over somewhere else!! The poor sap is going to walk away from a $120K a year job!!

Dumb shits and money - give them more money and they will always be dumb.

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