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The semiconductor industry is on the turn down yet again

If you work in the semiconductor industry or any industries that support it..........sorry but I have bad news. The market is now flat again. As most of us that have worked in the electronics industry, it has its ups and downs. The semiconductor portion of the industry has a 3 year cycle. That means it is up for 3 years, then it is down for 3 years. It looks like this is the end of the 3 year up cycle.

How do I know that? Simple, I know people who work in the industry and they are telling me that some of the major companies are now letting their temp workers go - all of them. The temp workers are the first to go in a down cycle. It is how the companies make themselves look good on paper to their stockholders. The dumb shit stockholders think that the company is doing good if there are no lay offs but they don't know that the majority of the company's production workforce are temps.

If you want to check out when those big companies lay off their regular workers just head on over to the unemployment website for the state of California and look at the listings for the WARN notices. Of course temp workers are not listed but you can be assured that they went long before the regular workers did.

Case in point, Lam Research just let all of their temp workers go in April 2014 so that means their customers are not placing that many orders with them. Applied Materials is letting go a few permanent employees in May 2014 so you know that the temps are gone already.

What the industry is waiting for is THE NEXT BIG THING. The PC market is shrinking, cell phones are now reaching the saturation point (everyone has one that wants one) and everyone is looking for the next invention to take hold. Problem is, there is nothing, yet.

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