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If you don't need the money - don't take the job

Nothing gets under my skin as much as someone taking a job from someone else.

The third job I ever had was my first one at a major electronics company. It was located in Menlo Park, California which is next door to Atherton, a very wealthy community. The company had just finished restructuring as they use to call it (they fired the upper management) and the operations manager took
the company's receptionist with him to his new place of employment. That meant we had a series of different receptionists to try and replace her.

Most were very forgettable but one that stood out had a British accent. I don't remember her name but she was hired about a week before the first or second annual "National Smoke Out Day." When the "National Smoke Out Day" came around, she got on the company's intercom and made this announcement in her proper English accent:
In honor of "National Smoke Out Day" anyone found smoking will be promptly taken outside and shot. Thank you.
I began to like our new receptionist. I only managed to talk to her a few times and the last time we spoke it was before she quit. You see her husband was overseas on business and her son away at school so she took the job to keep busy. As soon as her husband's business trip was over they were off to their other home in England. You see she and her husband were very wealthy and she drove a car to work that none of the executives could ever afford. While I liked her as a person she also took a job from someone who needed that job for the pay. She didn't need to work and she was only at the company for about 6 weeks.

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