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Why can't I have that perfect job

You hear it on the news at least once a week........a person really loves their job and likes the pay too. They wouldn't even think about working somewhere else. Why can't I find a job like that?

I know what you are thinking, they probably have a college degree and worked hard to get where they are. In some cases you are probably right but the ones I see have no upper level education.

When I was in high school I did so well that I had a teacher who was willing to help me get a scholarship to a Junior college. All I needed was my parents OK and backing but they would not
help me in the least. College to them was a waste of time and THEIR precious money. Of course it didn't help my cause when I told them that I wanted to be a forest ranger. A girl wanting to be a forest ranger was a new concept to them 30 years ago. Yes I wanted a job working outside and away.......far away, from the city as I could get. I found out that my parents were not ready to let go of the apron strings and convinced me to stay with them for years after I graduated from high school.............until I freed myself from their controlling lifestyle and moved on with my life.

Years later I found myself at a junior college with lots of opportunities around me. There were at least 5 short term certificate programs that only took 6 to 18 months to complete and the jobs paid well. The only problem with that is that everyone else was also trying to get into those same programs. The high unemployment rate was forcing everyone into that local college. I was there for almost 18 months and never managed to get into any of those programs. I was either on a waiting list or had to complete just one more prerequisite to get in. Of course the prerequisite courses also had waiting lists. I could not win for losing. I am also getting older and starting a new career at the bottom of the ladder is more than I am mentally equipped for.

Yes I would love one of those dream jobs but in my case it is just a dream now. I am to the point of just wanting to find a job that I could at least stay at for 5 or 10 years without getting laid off.

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