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Stay away from Facebook if you don't want the world to know about your workplace

Since I am now laid off, I have plenty of time to spend on the internet looking for work and networking with people. Of course there are plenty of dumb shits that are networking the WRONG way. Facebook has got to be the last place you want to be if you are a gossip nut. I thought that rumors traveled fast at work, but no............Facebook is faster.

You would not believe what people put on their "wall" at Facebook. Most people are pretty smart and don't put
those photos of themselves when they weighed 400 pounds or the night they got drunk and did something that their friends took pictures of. Then you get the dumb shits who post stuff on other people's walls that is either not nice or sound like they were drunk when they did it. I am sure that most employers now Google their potential employees names and see if they are on Facebook.

So if you are on Facebook and can't find work remove those unflattering photos, the incoherent drivel you call a post and lock out everyone except friends. Don't let your friends "share" your photos or posts, once you do that they are out in the public realm.

While you are reading this and are thinking that you are ok since you are still employed you had better think again. Your employer could still snoop around you on the internet. You can never tell when they will need to clear house and need more than just work performance to use to filter out those they want gone.

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