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Making money while waiting for a job interview to come along

The internet is so full of scams for us unemployed people, there outta be a law......

I have personally tried paid surveys (about $5 a month if lucky), blogging (this blog, just pennies so far) online sales (selling on and got about $25 a week) and eBay........let me tell you about eBay.

First up, you can make a great living selling stuff on eBay but it is not for the faint of heart. As a seller you will get people who have buyers remorse and want to keep what you sold them and want a refund as well. I wish those rip off buyers would quit trying
to rip off small at home sellers and go to Walmart and try their tricks. They will see that it doesn't work. Then you get those buyers who want to pay by personal check even though you don't take personal checks and eBay doesn't like that either. You cancel the sale to be nice (so the buyer does not get an unpaid mark against them) and then they turn around and give you negative feedback.

You should not sweat the feedback junk since you only have to call eBay and they remove the negatives if you have proof of a wacky buyer via the emails they sent you. Most people who buy and sell on eBay are a nice bunch but you do get those wacky, dishonest ones that will try and rip off buyers and sellers a like.

Another way to make money online is to beg. I haven't stooped that low but a former fellow employee did. He was laid off the same time as me. While I got busy selling stuff on eBay, he went to football games courtesy of friends on Facebook. He has over 700 friends on Facebook and when money got really tight he begged for money for his medicine and got it. He got over $90 in under 20 minutes. I watched my Facebook feed line and saw it all. Then he sold homemade food to his friends. I don't see how that would work because he is a lousy cook. Considering that he again got money for it while I actually worked at putting stuff on eBay and packing and shipping .......... it got me thinking that life is definitely not fair. How can some people get money simply by asking for it and others, like me, will not ask, but will work for income and yet not get ahead in life.

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