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Workers that live in the past and can't let go

I have been laid off from a number of places during the past 10 years. Most of them were pretty cut and dry - you were laid off, period. Except for one company that laid off 6 people and told all of them that when the work picked up they would be called back. The company strung them along for
5 months. Kept telling them that maybe next month things would get better. What they didn't know is what was going on in the work place.

The company was making major equipment acquirements. They bought a SMT machine to the tune of $600K, they hired a new department manager. The rest of the work crew had steady work. What had happened was the company did a bit of pruning of the work force but didn't know how to tell the employees that they let go that it was really final. Of the 6 people let go, one found another job after 3 months, one started their own business, one retired, and 3 people were hoping they would be going back.

Of the three, one of them was so hopeful of going back that he even mentioned that he would be sad not to see those that would not be coming back because they found other work. He never got the clue that the company didn't want him anymore. I think the major reason he was gone was because he earned too much.

It makes me wonder why companies do that to people. Do they really think that a worker will collect and tiny unemployment check and patiently wait for them to get called back to work? It might work if it was just a few weeks..............but this is months!

To those people who are getting strung along by a company that claims to want you back in the future - MOVE ON. That company never did care about you. They only care about their bottom line and you were not part of it.
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