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When does having a lower paid job make sense?

There are times when having a lower paid job than you have now will make sense. For example I am currently paying about $80 a week just in gasoline to get to and from work. I could take a job that pays $80 a week less than I am paid now, be closer to home and break almost even on income.

Another very good example is to get away from a high stress job due to the people you work with. I find that most of the work place stress is not from the actual job but the people who are in charge of you. Recently I was assigned a complicated job that lacked proper documentation, was a prototype, and I had no experience with the type of product. Added on top of that the fact that the dumb ass sales person promised a 24 hour turn around for the customer, just to get the job..............WTF!!!!! So I had less than 5 hours to put 6 of these things together which some of it involved soldering under a microscope. I was interrupted at least 5 times by various supervisors, managers and that dumb ass sales person to ask me when it would be done.

Did the job get done? Yes it did but not without a whole lot of stress put on me for no good reason at all.

I can't wait to find another job.

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