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Unfair overtime laws

Don't you just hate it when a company takes full advantage of that states' overtime laws and uses them to short change their employees? Case in point - Last weekend was the Memorial Day weekend. The four days following that weekend was MANDATORY 10 hour days. Normally we the workers would be paid overtime for the 2 hours over the 8 hours each day but not this time since the state only requires that employers pay 1.5 times the pay for anything over 40 WORKED hours. Just PAID hours does not count. All worked hours in those 4 days were all paid as straight time. In California the state law is overtime is paid after 8 hours each day. They tried the over 40 hour rule for about a year and then the law got changed back to the over 8 hour rule. I miss living in CA.

So of course this coming week there is no overtime scheduled. The company had that planned ahead of time. Damned cheapskate company..............I have got to find another job but the economy has not improved enough to create more jobs yet - so I wait............and wait..............and look..............and wait some more.  

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