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The layoffs continue

I just got word that 5 more people have been let go from where I use to work. Three of their (the company) major customers have either been put on credit hold due to non payment of their orders or are not placing orders at all. One of those companies is shutting down for good and laying off 240 people.

Another company in the town where I live is shutting down operations and
laying off the last of their employees (35). They make utility trailers for small companies and people who want to haul their toys. It looks like most people can't afford toys anymore.

I did hear some disturbing news on TV. It seems that many companies are not hiring the long term unemployed. They are hiring people who have jobs already. So WTF!! is that all about? Are they F%$#ing NUTS? So if you are unemployed you will end up permanently unemployed? I can't wait to hear how those politicians plan on handling that one.

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