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Can you say cheap labor?

I just finished building 100 little metal panels that needed some special foam tape. The panels are 6 inches wide and the tape is 1 inch wide. The tape has to be applied so that no metal is visible and it has to be trimmed around the edges.

I have to have every 20th piece inspected before I can continue making them. It was during one of those inspections that I asked why doesn't the company buy 6 inch wide foam tape. The answer I expected was that there is no such thing as 6 inch wide tape but that was not what I found out.

It seems that the 6 inch wide tape is more expensive than the 1 inch wide. It then dawned on me that my labor was so cheap that it is cost effective for the company to pay me for 8 hours of layering foam tape on 100 pieces rather than pay for the wider tape and allow only 2 hours of labor.

Damn, now I feel really good about how much I earn.....................NOT.

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