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HP in the news again

When I worked at HP I was working in the printer division. At that time, in 2007, HP was earning lots and lots of money from that section of its company. Ink, paper and printers were where HP was had its earning power.

What HP failed to see at the time was the growing trend from waste to conservation. People were not printing out photos anymore. They were saving them as digital copies and emailing them or posting them on Facebook for family and friends to see. One of the main reasons that I was not printing out photos was that the ink was so damn expensive. I could not see spending $40+ for an ink cartridge that only lasted for about a month of casual use. HP also shot themselves in the foot with
their printers.

Working at the printer division I learned lots of interesting stuff about HP printers and ink. Did you know that HP programed their printers not to work after a set number of pages had been printed out? That was to convince the consumer that the printer was now old and they needed a new one...........never mind that the printer was still able to print but needed the number of printed pages reset to zero. Unfortunately I don't know how to rest those printers.  I guess that comes from the fact that I don't own an HP printer and never intend to.

Their (HP) decision to go into the software business and dump the computer business will mark the end of HP as a company. After all HP is the world's largest computer maker. I guess that comes from hiring a CEO that comes from a software background.

Can we say it together - HP has a dumb shit in charge of the place.

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