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Deja Vu

The place that I work for now is so much like a company that I worked for about 30 years ago. The products are similar. The organization is similar and even the people are similar.

I am so reminded of my co-workers at that company 30 years ago by the people I work with today, that I almost called my lead the name of my lead way back then.

Virgina was my lead 30 years ago. She has a similar build, height and general work ethic to my current lead. Miss "J" (my current lead) only lacks one quality that Virgina had and that was
to stand up FOR the people that work for her. Virgina use to work in a cannery before she worked in electronics. She use to tell me tales of how she would "fix" the automated machines to shut down to give her "girls" on the line a much needed break. Virgina would also would stand up to Fred, the general manager, if he started to blame one of her workers unjustly. Miss "J" will not stand up to Mr "R" (Fred's current equivalent).

Mr, "R" is so much like Fred that I almost called him Fred last week. When I come home and complain about him to my husband, he refers to him as Fred too. You see both my husband and I worked at the same company 30 years ago and he knew Virgina and worked directly for Fred.

The main similarity of the 2 companies is that I hate working for them. Both companies treated their employees like shit and did not even think that it is the employees that really make a company not the building that they are located in. I ask you, "do the company owners even know how those general managers are treating their most valuable asset - the employee?" I know the only thing the owner of the company cares about at the place I work at now is ..............................the bottom line. If the manager is making money for the company, all is well. He does not care what happens under his management unless it involves the bottom line or a lawsuit. We have so many safety and health hazards that it is obviously a case of the owner and the manager not caring about employees, but that is another post.

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