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My co-workers have the Monday morning no show syndrome

That Monday morning syndrome known as "I don't feel like going into work today," has hit the production floor this morning.

Considering the fact that the small company I work at, only has 14 people as the entire production crew and another 15 people in sales, finance, purchasing and management, it makes a huge difference when 5 people don't show up for work in production.

I am getting the feeling that people are either really fed up with
working there, looking for another job or have hangovers. My bet is with my first idea.

Take for example my job today. I had to hand crimp over 400 wires with contacts. By hand crimp, I mean with a hand crimper and yes my hand and wrist hurts right now. The company is too cheap to invest in a mechanical crimper that is either air driven or powered by some other method than human hand power. They would rather pay $120 a day for someone to hand crimp contacts on the ends of wires and end up with carpel tunnel (can you say "high insurance costs?") than buy a machine that would save time each day as well as cut down on, on the job injuries.

Of course I am dreaming. The company has been in business for 20 years and has never grown larger than 50 employees at any one time. Oh, I forgot, they are too cheap to hire the right people in management that would help the company grow.

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