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10 months and counting

I can't believe that I have been working at this hell hole for 10 months now. I was hoping that the economy would have picked up by now so I could find a decent job and not slave labor.

About 4 years ago I could have actually survived on the wages I am earning now but back then gasoline and food was cheaper. Right now it costs me about $65 a week to commute to and from work and my car gets 30MPG. So I have to pay $65 up front just for the "privilege" of working here...............yuck. That means I have to work an entire day (after taxes) to pay for gas alone.

Of course many of you would say "be thankful you have a job" and I would say
at $11 an hour could you support a family of 3 like I do? I think not. Believe me when I say, "my family begs from relatives quite a bit."

Yes I am the working poor, working with other poor saps. One guy I work with is struggling to get money for a down payment on a car because his current one is about to collapse. He commutes just a few miles less than I do. He has been with the company for years and years. He claims that he only earns $12.50 an hour. Is he a dumb shit? No just a person who has been on the down side of life for so long that they give up looking for something better.

When the federal government gets flack for wanting to raise the minimum wage I would like to see those whom are against it actually try and live on the current minimum wage. I would personally like to see a minimum wage of at least $12 an hour for all workers. If a company cannot afford to pay that then maybe they shouldn't be in business to begin with.

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