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9/11 - where were you on that day 10 years ago?

On that day, 10 years ago, I was unemployed after a career I had for 15 years ended.  I was online and visiting a message board.  Someone had written something about the World Trade Center burning and I remembered the bomb in the basement that went off years before at the World Trade Center. I turned on the TV and then watched in horror along with the rest of the country as the day's events unfolded on the screen.

I did not know at the time that the events would change my future as well. You see I had just
gotten a new job and I was due to start the following week. The job was at a high security lab and I had to go through a security clearance before starting. The day I showed up for the clearance I was informed that the project had been put on hold until further notice. I had no job. I did find out later that the project finally began but six months later.

In the mean time I went on to another career which was a bad choice on my part. I became a CNA and worked at a major hospital for 9 months until I got sick of the non-English speaking co-workers that were abusive to the patients ...................but that is a whole new story.

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