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I will not kiss ass to keep a job

I have been looked over or ignored for promotions due to the fact I will not, I repeat, will NOT kiss ass.

What bugs the heck out of me is the fact that others do it and get ahead, not on their ability to work and work well but that they can kiss up to a boss and the boss loves it. It makes me sick.............

I have never been part of a layoff that was done just to "clear house" but this layoff has all the markings
of one. I found out through friends that still work there that hardly anyone else got a layoff notice. What really gets to me is the fact that I NEVER missed any days off at all. I was always on time and never abused phone privileges like several of the other workers did.

Was it that I was a woman? Was I not good looking enough? Was I not the right age? Or was it because I would not kiss ass. If you are a boss, you will not get that from me. I have a high standard of work ethics and kissing ass is not one of them.

I know I could do the work and I was often complemented on how fast and accurate I was. So what gives? Why was I picked to go first? I do know that they are having problems with getting work so maybe I can be thankful that I was out the door before the others. I will just have to wait and see. Until then I am thinking about my next career move.

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