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Get a degree and get a better job - what a load of crap

Yes I have a college degree but that does not open doors for you when you need to get a job.

Since I have some time off now I started a Facebook account and hooked up with some former co-workers. Some have gone on to other jobs, some retired, and some went back to school. I was chatting online with a few of them and saw that they had their college graduation photos on Facebook. I asked them if they were working and most of them said no. One even remarked that she could not
even get an interview!

I personally think that the local governments and colleges are the ones pushing for people to go back to school. After all they are the ones that would profit from it in the form of tuition fees. The local community college near me offers no practical courses to make you more employable in this area. They only offer basic math, reading and writing courses so you can get into the university. They also offer all those "fluff" courses about yoga and finger weaving. That's great for retired people who need to get out of the house but us people who need a better income and had better kiss a higher education good-bye. The tuition is also $84 a credit (in some states even higher) so a 3 credit class would cost $252 plus books and registration fees. That would put it in the ball park of close to $400 for one class. I don't know about you but just one class would not make a person more employable.

What it boils down to, to get a job you need to know someone to get you in. I am hearing more and more that most jobs are not even advertised. The companies only advertise when they can't find someone by networking first. So if you can't find a job, don't blame it on the economy but the fact that you don't know anyone.

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