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Well, it finally happened - laid off again

Yes, I saw the writing on the wall this time. The leads were too busy cleaning and machine maintenance was becoming an all day occupation of some of the workers. The 2 biggest customers were not accepting shipments and the products were in boxes ready for shipping. The total work orders on the books for October 2011 were only 3 as of mid September - not a good sign when that is the number of work orders shipped in a day.

I can't say that I did not see this coming. That is what I get when the company I work......worked for catered to obscure industries or ones that were failing. Their sales staff are
pursuing the wrong industries for what we do. Oh, on to job hunting, yet again.

At least it now gives me more time to write about the dumb shits I have worked with in the past. Heck I miss that place already since it gave me so much fodder for this blog. The manager did say that if sales picked up I would be called back..........but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Oh yea, this was the paycheck that everyone was suppose to get a raise!! And yet another news flash, they are still pursuing a new production manager. Well, good luck with that one.
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