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A sure sign that you hate your job

Do you need any excuse not to go to work? Then you might just hate your job.

Yep I have been in those shoes. Hating my job or should I say, jobs. I have been through so many of those damn, useless jobs that went nowhere and treated you like a slave. You were not allowed to
do this or that and going to the bathroom had to wait until you were on your time and not theirs. Here are some of the weird rules that some of the companies I worked for, tried to enforce:
  • You were required to stay for overtime, even when they asked you 5 minutes before quitting time.
  • The entire production crew spoke Spanish only and they were required to speak only English during work hours - that one went over well (cough).
  • You were required to "look busy" even when you weren't
  • No facial piercings were allowed per the employee handbook - never enforced since the supervisor had them.
  • No food or drinks allowed at your desk or work station if there was a computer present - barely enforced
  • Women were not allowed to wear make-up or hairspray if on the production line - enforced
  • No radios allowed unless you used picture a room full of people all listening to their favorite songs and singing along - all out of tune.
I bet that you have encountered at least one of those that I have listed above. Or maybe yours is more bizarre.

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