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Who put these people in charge?

Today is the first day back to work after the Memorial Day weekend. There is a distinct lack of work.

I was assigned to cleaning a room because there were no work orders to do. Other people were working but this nutty company will not put more than an "X" number of workers on a job because they claim it puts a higher cost on the product. Yet, don't they understand that the company still has to pay
me (for not working on a job) and it comes out of "overhead" costs which they still have to pay for out of operating expenses which the job (the work order that others are working on)  has to pay for to begin with. Did you understand that? Read it again.

It doesn't end there. I was in "training mode" for about 5 hours. I read the same ISO manual 3 times. Come on people, give me something to do. Unfortunately I live in a state that does not require a company to pay an employee just for showing up for work. If I show up for work and there is no work and they send me home (which this company has done on more than one occasion)  I only get paid for the time I was in the building. They had a power outage a few months back and had to send everyone home and paid for only the hours worked. Too bad the time at work didn't even cover the cost of gasoline to get there. I travel 40 miles one way to get to work, an 80 mile round trip. Thank goodness my old commuter car gets 30 MPG. So it costs me roughly $12 just to get to and from work each day.

To top everything off, a new person starts work there tomorrow. There is no work so what are they going to do? Read the ISO manual...........and read it again............and again.

So who is in charge? And what made them think that the the company needed more people?

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