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All talk and not much else

Beware of co-workers that shoot the shit and themselves in the foot at the same time.

I started a new job just over 6 months ago. It is an established company that went through a massive layoff about 2.5 years ago. Just about a year ago it started hiring again. The assortment of people they hired was interesting to say the least.

Since I started here 6 months ago, 6 people have left. The company only has 28 people working there, so 6 people is HUGE. The 6 that have left were, lets say,
not a good fit. They left because they wanted to. They thought that there was an opportunity to grow with the company....what a joke. This place is not going anywhere for some time to come.

Then we have the big mouth who likes to tell everyone how he wants to be promoted. To what, I have no idea. He has told me that this place is the highest he has ever been paid. Then I found out that all of his other jobs were minimum wage!!! He was fired from his last job for sexual harassment, why he told ME that, I have no idea. But here is the clincher.....he was put in charge of a product line until the operations manager found out he was goofing off too much. I was then put in charge of that product line. Then I get called into the office for what I think is to get yelled at and I get complemented and praised!!! It appears that the big mouth had convinced the management that only 20 of this product could be produced in one day. The management was astounded that with me in charge, 50 of that product was easily produced in one day.

I was smiling ear to ear as I left the office. I did forget to tell them that the big mouth had no prior manufacturing experience just experience in logistics.

The big mouth is now assigned to the "dirt" jobs and kept a close eye on by upper management to make sure he doesn't goof off anymore. I guess he was too busy telling everyone how good he was and forgot to prove it to management in his performance.

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