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I swear the boss needs to pass a mental test

The elderly man who was hired just 3 months ago as manufacturing manager needs some meds or a brain scan.

Work was so boring today. There was no work, just reading procedures......for 6 hours!!! During this utterly boring day the management saw fit to not send anyone home but wait until work was released to the production floor. It never came. What happened to me instead, made me think that I must be the only intelligent person in the place.

The elderly manager, who must be in his 70's, took me aside to have a little "talk." What transpired was, I swear, the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. He said
that he was told by one of the women that I work with that she thought I was not listening to her when she gave me work instructions, but he added that "it looks like you are listening now." He said that he thinks that the problem stems from the fact that I "think too fast."

My eyes must have gotten big and my mouth dropped open. I wanted to say "you slow thinking mother f*****, what are you smoking?" But I held my tongue. He then added that there are no problems with my work and I am one of the few that has no rejects. He added, "carry on."

Well that made my day. I am not sure that I even want to stay at a company that hires a person like that for a management position. I ought to take my "fast thinking" to somewhere that will love it and not hate it.

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