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Smelly co-workers

Ok, show of hands, how many of you have had to work with someone that smells really bad?

Vladimir (sorry, I don't remember his real name) was a man from Romania that I worked with in the mid 1980s. He assembled huge panels with wire harnesses and was in the mechanical assembly area. I was a QC inspector at the time.

The other assemblers in that area were always making jokes about how bad he reeked of a pungent
garlic smell. Anna, who worked right next to his station, took the brunt of the smells and was very vocal about it.

Then one day when I was inspecting his work, I asked him why did he smell so potent. It seems that nobody had asked him directly but just made jokes. His reply is that he ate raw garlic to stay healthy. He opened his drawer that was attached to his work bench to reveal cloves of garlic and offered me some. I turned down the offer, but found out that he munched on the stuff all day long. The smell was probably coming more from his drawer than from him but since he rarely left his work get the idea.

Garlic, it is not just for dinner.

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