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Illegal drugs and upper management

If you worked in Silicon Valley in the late 1970's to the late 1990's you would have no doubt been exposed to the rampant illegal drug use at the management level.

I have seen everything from mary j to coke use at work by managers, CEO's and salesmen. I have seen less use at the
regular worker level simply because the darn stuff is too expensive for regular workers to afford.

One salesman I knew was getting magic mushrooms shipped to him via UPS from Mexico. The chief operating officer at another company was coming down to the production floor with the powder on his face after snorting the stuff. Now everybody say it with me ....... dumb shits!!

What I don't understand is why these dumb shits don't ever get fired. They either leave on their own or the company shuts down, either way, they don't get in trouble for what they are doing.

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