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My family does not want to hear about my workday

Is your family the same as mine?

If something stupid or bad happens at work and I need to mentally unload on someone, I can't, because my family doesn't want to hear it. If I start to even say what happened at work, I am cut off with "I don't want to hear it."

I have a good friend that will listen to my tales of woe. The problem is that
we only get together once a month now. She and I are so busy working to pay the bills and maybe just get a little ahead of the game............but that is a long shot since we both work at places that are cheapskate companies.

So I come here to unload and perhaps entertain both you and me at the same time. If my drivel does not annoy you then come back again and read more about my miserable work life and the dumb shits that I am surrounded by.

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