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How do my bosses end up in charge - they have low IQ's!!

The one major reason that I started this blog was what happened to me today.

It was a nice, sunny, Friday afternoon and I was stuck washing PCB's (printed circuit boards for those of you not in the industry) by putting them in this ancient organic washing machine. Since the process takes awhile, I was standing and waiting for the boards to come out and along comes my supervisor. This little old man got the job of supervisor just a few short months ago and I wonder why he is still working at his age. Anyway, he stops to ask me if I am excited that it is Friday, his words, not mine. Before I say "of course" he proceeds to
tell me his plans for the weekend. First up, him and his wife are going to a Kenny Chesney concert followed by a trip to the coast for an overnight stay. Then he tells me how he often travels up to Canada to add to his antique collection.

Now why in the world is this old man rubbing my nose in the dirt? I can't afford the damn gas to travel anywhere but to work and home. He is being paid way too well since all the people he supervises earn less than $15 an hour. Did I mention he drives a brand new 1 ton truck to work?

Damn dumb ass, he really knows how to alienate his workers.

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