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Reasons why manufacturing and office work don't mix well

My elderly manager is a constant source of stupidity.

It seems that his brilliance really shines on Fridays. Yesterday was yet another brilliant Friday. The whole day was full of surprising dumbness on his part.

The day started off rather well and it was just an hour into my shift when my manager made the remark that he was moving his office from upstairs to the manufacturing area so he could be closer to his employees. The brilliant idea was to set up his office at one of the work benches and he chose
the one next to me!

After he had his computer set up and had a fellow co-worker move all his junk to the work bench he began to "work." I was on a job of hand soldering 300 PCBs with hand loaded components. Since hand soldering gives off a lot of fumes, each work bench is equipped with a small fan to blow them away from the operator - this company is too cheap to put in a proper exhaust system. My fan is set up that it would blow the fumes towards the area where my manager now has his "office." Each time I would solder.........he would cough. Gee, this was fun!

Brilliant idea number 1 had now failed.

The company is constantly timing us manufacturing people to see if we can go faster and faster and faster and faster.......................... well, slave labor. If you don't measure up to the speed they want then they have a "talk" with you. I have been talked to about 4 times in 5 months, big whoop. Since dumbo now has his office next to my bench, he asked me at least 3 times during the day, how was my "time" going. If I didn't have to stop and answer him, which also had to include a small discussion, my "time" would be great. At the end of the day my "time" was way off and he had the nerve to ask......"what do you think was the factor that slowed you down?" Well, what do you think, moron.

Brilliant idea number 2 had now failed.

His office now attracts all the other manufacturing people that need to ask him questions or better yet, just drop by to chat. One of the quality inspectors actually had the nerve to say "shut up" to them since his inspection station is only 5 feet away. He is timed too. The area is now full of distractions.

Brilliant idea number 3 had now failed.

His last one and totally wacko idea comes from the fact that he went to a job fair on Thursday to try and get some job applicants for the company. That was the day we had 4 people standing around waiting for work - all day, I was one of them. He brought back 60 resumes and was going through them in his "office." With still one person out of the 4 still waiting for a job (3 days in a row) this moron is still looking for more employees. He actually told his boss that he found some great candidates for the manufacturing floor.

Let's see how this pans out.

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