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Sneaky ways a company will screw over its employees

There are probably a million ways for a company to cut corners at their employees expense but I have experienced 2 very recently.

The place I work at now is a cheap skate company, to say the least. One of the ways they screw over their employees is to mess with their paychecks. Every pay period I have had to make a trip to the finance department to complain about my check being
just a little short. This week it was $2.86 short due to not being paid for 1/2 hour at the OT rate. It may not be much but they do it to most of the employees, most of the time and not all of them complain.

The other way they screw over the employees is not so well known. It seems that they hire people like crazy, keep them for about 6-18 months then have a mass lay off, but keep the lowest paid employees. When I was first told this fact by one of the long term employees, I thought he was making it up. I then asked another employee that had also been at the company for several years and he said it was true. I guess I will be kept for some time, since I am one of the lower paid employees.

That stupid process has got to be the dumbest thing any company can do. Don't they realize that hiring and training employees costs more money in the long run than hiring and keeping the most experienced even if they cost more to pay?  I guess not.

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