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Being in charge does not mean you can goof off

The dream of every production line worker is to be one step higher on the "food chain" at work.

When I just started the job I have now, a co-worker was training me on a product line. After several days of working with him, the conversation turned to where he had worked in the past and what his ambitions were for this company and his future goals. It did surprise me that he wanted our lead's job, considering he lacked the knowledge and personality for it. If he would only take a good look in the mirror at himself, he would realize that nobody wanted to work for him..............heck I didn't even like being trained by him. He liked to tell people what to do, much like a slave owner. He even was so lazy that he had me get up from what I was doing to get him a tool or a folder when he could have done it and in fact it was HIS job to do it, not mine. Now that you have a bit of background on his style of leadership, let me tell you what happened this past week with him.

What he lacks in skill and leadership qualities he makes up for in bull shit. He can con a manager into believing that he is the right person to put in charge of a product line. He has managed to convince the new production manager to let him
take charge of 2 product lines. I have been unfortunately been chosen to be on each of his teams. It seems that I am the most experienced one of the bunch for each of those lines. The first product went through the company in 6 days with a team of 5 people. Normally it would take 4 days with a team of 3-4. The next product is still in house and has not shipped yet. I was on that team but after I finally complained about the product lead and his mishandling of the product (he was having built in a room that was not compliant with the customer requirements) I was moved to another product line and he was "talked to" and the product moved from that room. I bet he was a little ticked off at that move since he had a radio blaring his music and where the product was moved to, no radios are allowed. I was not the only one to complain about him. I found out that he was "talked to" at least 3 times that day about his attitude.

Today it is Saturday and the company has voluntary overtime. He is working today, I am not. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he is getting "talked to" again and soon I will see the last of him. I am getting fed up with him being put in charge of something that he is constantly screwing up. It has gotten to the point that no one wants to work with him except one guy who he calls "his best bud."

Here is a note to management - GET A CLUE AS TO WHOM YOU PUT IN CHARGE! Learn to keep an eye on them. Find out where they tend to disappear to when people can't find them for 30 minutes. If they say they were talking to "so and so" about a job related problem, VERIFY IT. Talk to the production crew. Ask them if they have any problems with the person in charge of them. Are there any personality clashes? Is the person in charge incompetent? Maybe all you care about is the bottom line and your bottom line is shouting $$$$$$. When your production crew is unhappy or the best ones leave for greener pastures then your bottom line will read like ----($$$$). You won't be singing a happy tune then. Since the internet has a vast social network of people who will name company names and managers names of places and people to avoid, don't be surprised if your company gets a bad rep for people to work there. You will not attract the workers you need but lose your best ones over time.

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