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The pig sty I work at

The owner of the company I work for has so much pride in the dump (yes it is a dump) that he invited a group of business people that he is a member of, to tour the place today. We were to stop work 20 minutes early just to tidy up the place. I hate to tell him that 20 hours would not make that place look better.

After I cleaned up my work area I left. It was on the drive home that the old saying of making a silk purse out of a sows ear came to mind. You cannot make something out to be what it is not.

Let me give you a good idea of the place that the owner is trying to show off. The building is over 30 years
old and is located in one of those older cheap industrial parks that is mostly a garage door and an office door facade on the front. This company has one of the larger sections with a smaller one across the parking lot that is used for storage and part-time assembly (we have to open the garage door for extra light and air when we work over there). The inside of the building needs a good 2 coats of paint. The rafters are low and filled with wires, boxes and other "junk." There is a huge wave solder machine toward the back and it smells bad when it is running. It is not isolated from the workers and gives off lead fumes.

I was sweeping the floor last week and parts of it were peeling off. It is a painted cement floor with chips of concrete missing and the 3 or 4 layers of paint are peeling off in sheets.

Did I mention that the place has no air conditioning at all? In fact today, around 10am, one of my co-workers propped open a side door and put a big box fan next to it, it was only 68 degrees outside at that time.

When I interviewed for the job last year, I was given the tour of the place. My first impression was that I had just stepped back in time about 30 years. I originally thought that the company was a start-up but I found out after I had started that the company is over 20 years old and has had 4 owners.This is a company that never left the start-up phase. It reminds me of a garage type of company.

I personally, would be highly embarrassed to show that place off.  Just take them out to dinner and show them pictures of the ideal company, but not this one.

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