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Would you buy an electronic device made in a non-climate controlled environment?

When you bring home that little or big electronic gizmo, you read the instructions that come with it and it says that you should not use or store it under extreme temperatures.

So what about the temperatures it was manufactured under? Most major manufactures make stuff under strict climate controls, meaning that the environment is dust free and at an even temperature, except where I work.

The room where the surface mount (SMT) boards are made is extremely hot and humid. The humidity comes from having an organic wash just feet from the SMT machines that gives off steam most of the day. Add to that the fact the method of air conditioning is to open the door to the parking lot where dust can enter from passing cars and you have just built unreliable products. This is only just one section of the company.

The stockroom is another place from hell. Just last Friday the temperature outside was merely 73F degrees and since there is no air conditioning, the inside of the building got to be in the 80's. The stockroom is upstairs and got even warmer. I was kitting up a work order with customer supplied EPROMs and other expensive chip sets that were stored in that temperature. Just wait until the average temperature outside gets to be in the 90's for the summer. Can you say sweat shop? I wonder if the customer is aware of what is REALLY going on with their products. Don't forget that this is in the USA where we are suppose to be better than the companies in Mexico and China.

I have got to find another place to work at...........this place has all the signs of going under, but until then the dumb shits I work with make fine fodder for this blog. 

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