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The surprise envelope

As I sat working today, the vice president of the company came around with a stack of envelopes. It was not payday and the envelopes were thick.

I waited my turn while I watched my co-workers get their envelopes. None of them opened up the envelopes right away. Scared of what the management might think, "they stopped working to see what was inside the envelope, shame on them."

What was in that envelope? My mind thought up visions of a bonus, maybe tickets to a company function or even a gift certificate and a thank you note. As he finally handed me my mystery envelope, I stopped working and opened it.

There were 4 sheets of paper. The first one was a letter from another company, not the one I worked for. The next page was a "pitch page" and the last 2 were quotes. The damn thing was a sales pitch for life insurance. The worst part was the fact that the prices they quoted were 3X higher than what my own bank offers. WTF!!!

Those visions of opening a nice surprise were dashed to bits. Funny thing is, no one has even talked about the envelopes. My guess is that they ended up in the trash, like my one did.

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