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They just fired the sweetest man today

Mr "K" came up to me just before the last break of the day and told me that it was nice working with me. He had just been fired!

He had only worked for the company for about 4 months and seemed to really like working here. He was always on time, never missed a day. I enjoyed working with him. He picked up how to do a new job very easily. He was a quite, older man and now he had been fired.

Before he left I asked him if he had any warnings or been written up for anything, he said
"no." No warning that anything was wrong with his work. We had all been told that before the company fires anyone there is a series of warnings and lastly a written warning before a person is dismissed............they lied.

The only thing that did happen in the last few days was that the company "jerk" had been put in charge of a special project and several people had to be on his team. I was one of them along with Mr. "K." The "jerk" had really screwed up the job. Sub-assemblies had not been built, parts were being put in PCB's wrong or missing entirely. Most of the time it was the "jerk" that was messing up the assemblies. Unfortunately this idiot was overhead by me to tell someone the major reason why the project was not running smoothly was because he had a "slow" person working on the team, eluding to Mr. "K."

I have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that the "jerk" is behind the firing in some way.

Damn...........I had better get away from that "jerk." He even tried to get me into trouble when I first started. That little trick of his failed and I turned it around that he was to blame for me making a mistake...........and in fact he was, he trained me on that project, or should I say failed to train me.

It is Friday tomorrow................Thank God. 

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