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Stress gives me a headache

I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago, the first in 2 years. The news from him was not good.............high blood pressure. I wonder if the headache I get at work is the cause?

Stress does raise its ugly head, especially where I work. I have never experienced this much drama in such a small company before. Mr. C, the manager who loves to delegate seems to be the main cause of the drama in the place. The day of my doctors' appointment was the day he sent
me to find out answers to the questions I asked of him. Instead of HIM finding out and letting me know, he sent me on an adventure to almost every department in the place. I still did not get my questions answered. 

I guess he really got tired of me and my co-workers questions about documentation on a product build. He was so upset that handed the project off to another co-worker. That worker was now be put in charge of the large project as project lead. Never mind that the idiot co-worker has had very little experience with this product and he screwed up the last project he was put in charge of. The production floor and QA are still trying to straighten out that mess for 2 days now. What he did to screw that job up was write down on controlled documents, notes to put extra jumpers on the PCB's .No one can find any back-up documentation to verify those jumpers. His first mistake was to write anything on controlled documents, that is the right of engineering only and it had better be in RED and be signed and dated. Of course since this is his first job in electronics he doesn't know any better but the customer is expecting quality and they won't be getting anytime soon..........if that guy is put in charge as a project lead that is. The BIG problem is, management thinks this guy is golden. I don't know how he swung that bit of deception but he pulled it off rather well.

As for me, my doctor thinks that I should exercise more to reduce my blood pressure. I did not tell him about the drama at work. The only extra exercise I plan on doing is searching for a less stressful place to work at. I don't need this kind of drama in my life.

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